About CTBB

Churches together in Broomhill and Broomhall (CTBB) comprises:
  • St. Andrews, United Reformed Church, Broomhall
  • Beacon Methodist Church, Broomhill
  • St. Mark's Church, Church of England, Broomhill

CTBB works together to share the Christian faith in Broomhill and Broomhall, Sheffield. All three member Churches regard this as a vital part of their mission and witness.  

Our current activities involve:
  • The employment of a community worker with older people.
  • A weekly Friday morning breakfast at St Andrew’s for the local community including the most vulnerable people in the area.
  • A term time girls youth club in Broomhall.

We are constituted as a charity and are a company limited by guarantee. The CTBB trustees are nominated by the three member churches and form an executive committee who determine strategy and direction. The executive is supported by a number of subcommittees who each advise on a different strand of our work.

CTBB Registered Charity Number: 1142166
Company Registration Number: 7510245

Moderator: Dr. Kimberly Willis moderator@ctbb.co.uk
Treasurer: Dr. Chris Sissons treasurer@ctbb.co.uk